The course of studies is prescribed by the Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE). The Meghalaya Board has adopted the CBSE syllabus and pattern of examination from 2002 onwards. The students are prepared for the Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination (SSLC) at the end of Class 10 and Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) at the end of Class 12. The subjects taught in the school include:

UP & Secondary: English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Sciences (History, Civics, Geography and Economics). In lieu of Mother tongue, Khasi, Hindi and Alternative English are offered. The other subjects are Health and Physical Education, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Creative Expression, Catechism and Value Education.

COMMERCE: English, Alt. English / M.I.L, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Computer Applications, Mathematics and EVS.

SCIENCE: English, Alt. English / M.I.L, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology / Computer Applications and EVS.

ARTS: English, Alt. English / M.I.L, Political Science, History, Computer Science, Philosophy, Economics and EVS.

Value Education classes and counseling sessions are also organized at regular intervals for the Higher Secondary students.

The School uniform is compulsory on all class days and at school functions. Pupils should come to school clean and tidy. The hair should be well trimmed and combed.

Boys: White shirt, grey trousers, badge, school sweater or blazer, striped navy blue necktie, grey socks and black shoes.

Girls: Grey kurta (half sleeves), white salwar, white dupatta, sweater (half sleeves), blazer, white socks, black shoes (flat) and school badge.

On Wednesday Classes VI to X are to wear school House Colour T-Shirts.

No dress other than uniform is permitted in the school. All should have at least two sets of Uniform. The School uniforms are available at LILA BROTHERS and KRISHNA’S, Police Bazaar.

Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
On Saturdays: Co – curricular activities like scouting, NCC and extra classes are held till 12.30 pm.

All the staff and students are to move to the place of the assembly at the first bell and be ready to start the assembly at the scheduled time.

All are required to participate in the proceedings with due reverence and attention.

After the assembly the students are to proceed towards their classrooms in silence and in order.

Before the entry into the classroom after assemblies, the students are to be in order in front of their respective classroom and to enter the classroom along with the teacher.

After class, assemblies will be conducted in the classroom as per the schedule for the end of classes.

Undue haste should be avoided while moving into / out of the building or classrooms.

All the students are expected to take part in the school functions be it in the auditorium or elsewhere in a discipline and organized way. All should participate in the proceedings attentively and participate in the programmes whole-heartedly. Inappropriate behaviors will severely be dealt with.


Staying away from school without leave is not tolerated except when the cause is sudden illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

No leave or absence is sanctioned nor is a pupil is allowed to leave the school during school hours except with the written request of the parents/guardians duly approved by the Principal/Vice-Principal.

Such reasons as birthdays, excursions, festivals, urgent business, time to study for examinations/tests etc., are not considered valid reasons for leave.

Whenever leave has been sanctioned, the fact must be recorded in the Regularity Record of the student’s school diary with the signature of the parent/guardian.

After an absence from class, pupils are expected to produce the reason for the absence duly entered and signed in the Regularity Record by the Parent/Guardian. The student should obtain the signature of the Principal/Vice Principal before proceeding to the classroom.

A Medical Certificate should support absence from School, if absence is on medical grounds

Absence from class on days prior to tests and Examinations will not be tolerated, and marks may be deducted from the ensuing tests/examinations.

A pupil who has been absence for 15 calendar days without due authorization from the Principal will have his name struck off the rolls and may not be re-admitted. If re-admitted, fresh admission will be charged.

Pupils must not be absent from school on days prior to holidays or examinations. They must rejoin the school after holidays on the re-opening day.

Late arrival for three consecutive days will be treated as one day absence.

Pupils whose unauthorized absences are above 20% of the working days of the School may not be allowed to present themselves for Promotion Examination.

Pupils who do not have at least 80% attendance may not be allowed to appear in Half Yearly/Promotion Examinations.


Late arrival to school is a breach of discipline. A student who comes late to school must enter the date and time of arrival into the Regularity Record under ‘Late’. Late arrivals are punishable.

Entry into class for late comers is granted only when they show the Class Teacher/Teacher-in-Charge the Regularity Record duly countersigned by the Discipline teacher/Principal/Vice-Principal.

Those who have to leave the school campus early for any reason whatsoever should obtain written permission from the Principal/Vice-Principal. The same should be shown to the Class Teacher before leaving the school campus.

If for any reason the Parent/Guardian wants his/her ward to leave the school during the school hours, a written request should be entered in the Regularity Record (prior leave) by the Parent/Guardian and presented to the Principal for approval.

If any student wishes to leave the school campus during the class hours, he/she should obtain the gate pass and should show the same to the class teacher. On re-entering the campus he/she should get the security to note the time of entry. The pass should then be submitted to the Reception.


For the purpose of evaluation, the school conducts internal assessment of the students. These assessments are taken into account for the Half Yearly and Promotion Exams. The assessments can be organized in different ways as deem fit by the school authority as to help the students top grow in responsible maturity.

To secure promotion, one must obtain 40 out of 100 marks in all the subjects. The Promotion of a student to the higher class implies that the student has successfully learnt a prescribed syllabus. The student must know the subject matter to be promoted.

Anyone using unfair means in tests/examinations will get zero in that subject and/or will be debarred from further examinations. He/she will be declared to have failed at the end of the year, and in extreme cases will be expelled from the school.

In all questions of promotion and failure the Principal’s decision is final.

Pupils who failed in promotions exams may be asked to leave the school as being either unwilling or unable to study. In no case, however, will a student be allowed to repeat the same class for a third time. A student who fails twice in three consecutive years must be withdrawn.

Due to any unforeseen circumstance. If a test/ exams is not held on the scheduled date, the same will be held on the next working day, unless otherwise notified.

Re-examination/Tests are not held for absence students.


The main objective of the House System is to promote healthy competition among the students in all the activities of the school, curricular and extra-curricular and also to foster such qualities as loyalty and leadership.

The entire school is divided into four Houses. They are AMBEDKAR, NETAJI, PATEL and SHASTRI. Points are awarded for Study, Sports, Discipline and Activities. Certificates and Medals are awarded after every Inter House Competition. The best House in Study, Discipline and Activities as well as the Champion House is announced only on the Annual Result Day.


Certificates and prizes are given to meritorious students. Trophies, medals and certificates are normally distributed after every competition. The following certificates and awards are given during the Annual Result day – (1) Proficiency Certificate- one or more than one student from every section is selected for this award, based on general deportment, attendance, application to study and participation in co-curricular activities. (2) Certificate of Recognition is given for 100% school attendance. (3) Certificate of Merit is given to those who excel in studies. (4) Outstanding students of M.E. and Secondary School are also awarded at the end of the year.


All the parents and teachers of the school are members of this association. The main aims of this Association are:

To make the parents involve themselves actively in the various activities of the school.

To bring about a better understanding of the problems of the children through frequent parent – teacher contacts.

To work justly and to co-ordinate the activities of the children for their growth.


The school does not recognize Student’s union; nor are any union activities permitted at any time within the school premises.

Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, justifies dismissal at any time of the year. Students with contagious diseases are asked to stay away.

Only English should be spoken in the school premises in order to obtain a command over spoken English.

The school accepts no responsibility, if through failure to wear the school uniform or to bring books to the class or to produce signature of the parents on remarks written by the teachers in the absence record of the calendar etc., the pupil is obliged to return home during the class hours. The school will not be held responsible, should anything untoward happen when a student is sent home for the above reasons.

The school cannot be held responsible for accidents small or serious, to pupils during their stay in the school or while taking part in sports and other co-curricular activities within or outside the school premises.

Parents/Guardians are expected to make proper arrangements to collect their children immediately after the classes. Though proper care will be taken to ensure the safety of the children, the school cannot be held responsible if a student leaves the school campus on his/her own accord.

The school calendar is a record concerning the student. Therefore, every student should take special care of the calendar, which is to be brought to school daily.

Any misbehavior of a serious nature that has become a public knowledge is liable to bring about suspension of dismissal from the school even though it takes place off the school premises.

Scribbling on the walls or furniture or floor is to be strictly avoided. Any damage to school property including games and sports equipment will have to be made good. The decision of the Principal/Administrator regarding the amount to be paid is final.

No magazines, papers or books other than textbooks may be brought to school without the permission of the Principal. Parcels and letters are subject to inspection.

Ragging, taking drugs in any form, smoking and chewing of betel nut or tobacco and consumption of alcohol are strictly forbidden; fancy items such as electronic gadgets (fancy watches, toys, digital diaries, cell phones, cameras, walkman, CDs, cassettes, etc) are not permitted in the school and those found guilty are liable to be suspended or expelled.

Stealing and forging of signature are serious faults and anybody found guilty is liable to immediate dismissal.

The pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. The school assumes no responsibility for them.

Ornaments and jewellery like rings, earrings, chains, bangles, etc., unconventional hair style and/or any make-up, applying of hair fixer, etc. that degrades the uniform a pupil wears will not be tolerated and is liable to be suspended from school.

Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones to school. Anyone found with mobiles are liable to immediate dismissal.


We believe in the dictum that “The Parents are the First Teachers and the Teachers Are the Second Parents”.

Kindly discourage your child from taking leave as far as possible.

At least once a week go through your child’s diary to check whether there is a message for you and countersign it.

Keep in touch with the day to day progress of your child and discuss it with the Principal regularly at the appointed hours.

Criticism of a student’s teacher of the school in the presence of the child should be avoided because it may cause the student to lose respect for the teacher and the school.

If the child fails to reach the school in time and does not attend the assembly he/she may be sent back home.

Only English should be spoken in the school premises in order to obtain a command over spoken English. Parents are requested to encourage this practice at home also.

Parents are requested to examine the progress Report issued after the Unit Test and the Examinations and take up remedial measures in consultation with the Principal/Teachers.

A regular School-Parent-Teacher interaction is very important for the systematic follow up of the child, therefore, parents can meet the teachers to discuss their child’s performance before or after school and not during class hours. They should make a prior appointment with the teacher concerned through the communication page in the regularity record.

The Principal or Vice-Principal can be met on all working days from 9:30 to 02:30 a.m.

The special Parent-Teacher meeting on the Interaction Day is of utmost importance and compulsory.

The entrusting of a pupil to the school implies that the parents agree to abide by the rules and regulation and the decision of the school. Parents should see that their children prepare home lessons properly and devote at least 2-3 hours in the evening to their studies.

As education is primarily the responsibility of the parents, they are expected to co-operate with the school community with regard to pupil’s integral growth. Therefore, parents are requested to follow up the child in its process of growth and maintain a cordial, cooperative relationship with the school authorities.

Parents are especially requested to read the rules carefully and see that they are followed.

Parents are requested not to speak to the teachers during school hours. Parents who seek information or who wish to make some complaint should do so to the Principal and not to the teacher.

At all-time speak well of the school, teachers, and administration, especially in the presence of your children. Should you have any legitimate grievance, meet the Principal at the earliest. If you still feel that the method and education that is imparted, the fee that is being charged, the discipline that is enforced or the ambience in the school is not up to your expectation and satisfaction and this is a cause of constant unhappiness to you, please feel free to withdraw your child from the school at any time. We prefer that you be the part of the solution and not part of the problem.


Read this school diary carefully and bring it to school every day. Make a note in it of anything important to you.

This is your school. Keep it clean and tidy so that you and others may be proud of it.

Converse in English. Encourage your friends to do the same.

Aim at full attendance and unfailing punctuality.

Inculcate good values and imbibe good qualities of honesty and sincerity.

Work hard and do well in every field. Your parents, society and nation expect a lot from you.

Do not leave the classroom or school compound without prior permission.

Always behave in such a way, that your parents and teachers feel proud of you.

Take care of the school property. This is your second home.

Read good books and cultivate good manners.

Be systematic in everything you do.

Make out a schedule, allotting time for work as well as play.

Read the newspapers daily. It will keep you aware of what is needed in the highly competitive world of today.

Never give up till up succeed. Untiring efforts is the need of the hour.

Each one of us has been created for a definite purpose. So identify your talent/interest and develop it relentlessly.


Without the prior permission of the teachers or the lab attendants, students are not allowed to enter the laboratory.

Do not play or waste chemicals.

Except for the experimental set up provided, students are warned not to tamper with other apparatus.

Splashing or wasting water is considered an irresponsible act.

Usage of the burners-be economical; when not in use, please turn them off.

If Chemicals spill over during heating or transfer, clean up the place at once with a towel.

When a test tube or any apparatus is broken, inform the lab attendant.

While leaving the lab, please ensure that the burners and the electrical appliances are switched off.

Keep the place always tidy and in order.


The School provides excellent Library facilities. The School has a spacious computerized library with more than 10,000 books. Important journals and magazines are subscribed to, regularly. Students are encouraged to use the Library not only for borrowing books but also for doing reference work. The library remains open on all working days from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00. p.m. and on Saturdays till 12.00. p.m.

Students, who wish to avail themselves of the library books, should enroll themselves as members of the Library, after which library Cards will be issued to them.

Only on production of the library cards, will a student will be permitted to select books.

Students are not allowed to keep any book borrowed from the library for more than 5 days for class 7 to 12 and one week for 6. A fine of Rs. 10 per day will be levied on all late returns.

If a book is lost or damaged, the student will have to make good either the loss or the damage. Books borrowed from the library should not be passed on to anyone else.

Absolute silence is to be maintained in the Library.

No books, papers or bags of any kind and water bottles are to be brought into the Library except a pen and a Hand Diary.

Students resorting to any damage to the Library furniture, fittings, etc. , scribbling on the walls, floor or books and extraction of pages from any book whatsoever, will have to make good such a damage and will be debarred permanently from his/her membership.

No one may move from place to place or go out of the Library without permission.

Students are not permitted in the Library except during the stipulated period. Exceptions need special permission.

Students should enter and leave the library premises in orderly and disciplined manner.

Students are expected to keep the books in order, in the same shelves and cupboards as arranged previously.

All teachers and students are to enter their names in the library Attendance Register while entering the library. Teachers should keep their belongings on the allotted places.



  • Unit Test I Will be held from the 29th April to 1st May 2019
  • May Day will be celebrated on the 1st of May
  • 3rd May First Friday Mass